Understand Community Sentiment

Engage When Sentiment Peaks

talkAItive empowers companies to easily determine the sentiment expressed across socials, transcripts or chat channels.

talkAItive has developed and patented unique capabilities that help marketing agencies, major retailers, pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturers, franchises, law enforcement, political campaigns and more to inform them what their users really think and to enable them to communicate directly with those vocal users.

Free Sentiment Analysis

Send us your favourite term to track and we will email you a sample.

Understand Sentimental Reasons

talkAItive's Process

talkAItive's patented sentiment analysis capabilities examine and leverage time value of knowledge (TVoK), a score that is generated by a proprietary language understanding engine which we call Net Sentiment Score (NSS).

1. Gather Data

Extract data from your preferred social media platforms, news sites, web forums, and review websites.

2. Analyze Data

Use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify the sentiments related to your topics

3. Take Action

Engage with communities or individual users to accentuate the positive sentiment and mitigate negative sentiment with selective, targeted messaging.

4. Measure Impact

Conduct comparative before and after scenarios to assess changes in sentiment.

5. Refine and Repeat

Determine if follow-up or ongoing campaigns are warranted. Continuously engage with attitudes and users behind the sentiment.

Contextual Sentiment Engagement

Active Social & Email Communities

Automate adding new followers or send direct message to those who are sentimental about what your brand cares about.

A New Way To Engage

As an alternative to current "Spray And Pray" messaging, we will strengthen your engagements to be timely and effective for key sentimental communities of interest.

We will deliver positively charged messaging to maintain favourable sentiment across your followers, spread awareness of a new launch or change or invite them to the next sponsored event.

Lower your digital marketing costs to acquire new users or build loyal following.

Track LIVE Sentiment

Fans of LIVE events express themselves LIVE as well. Track events and sentimentally engaged users on Social Media.

Identify Optimal Triggers

As sentiment peaks relative to your brand, product, specific features, influencers or any other term important to you.

Engage Sentimentally

Auto trigger follow requests or direct messages across your social channels.

Build Sentimental Intelligence

Your own first party data which segments your most engaged social and email users by sentiment related to brand, product, features, competitors or any other term important to you.

Why Pick Us?

Future of “Relationship” is based on sentiments and shared values. Don’t just spray and pray. Be precise about who and why you engage online.

talkAItive Patent

talkAItive (7204833 Canada Inc.), is a provider of advanced analytics related to any institutions transactional and qualitative data. talkAItive’s technology is used in products sold by the company and products and services sold and offered by its commercial partners.

This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


The following U.S. patents apply to talkAItive:

US Patent Numbers: US11030533B2. Patents pending: US20210201162A1, US20200184521A1.

Our Thoughts and Discoveries

Our goal is to help our clients Understand sentiment & engagement segmented by their categories across all Social Media, then continously engage sentimentally active users to build true community engagement based on peaking sentiments across all digital channels.

Geo-Spatial Sentiment Analysis for a Leading Fast Food Brand with talkAItive

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NSS - Net Sentiment Score

NSS - Net Sentiment Score enables a new range of analytics across the organization to help learn the “Voice of Customer”.

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