Geo-Spatial Sentiment Analysis for a Leading Fast Food Brand with talkAItive

by Vibhu Bhan

In recent years, there has been an explosion of data on social media platforms. That data can provide valuable insights into the sentiment of a community on a specific topic. Geo-spatial sentiment analysis is a method of mapping sentiment data to specific locations. This technique can be used to monitor public opinion on a wide variety of topics, such as brands, products, or people, with the unique capability to identify how sentiment differs by geographical location. With these insights, companies can then take impactful actions such as deploying targeted marketing and advertising campaigns with precision.

talkAItive is a company that specializes in geo-spatial sentiment analysis. We use patented, cutting-edge technology to map sentiment data to specific locations. Our approach helps companies to better understand the views genuinely expressed by their users, and then interact with all of them or select segments, to drive changes in opinion or purchasing behaviors.

In the figure above, talkAItive has mapped the results of our geo-spatial sentiment analysis, which incorporated thousands of Google review comments, to actual franchise locations in Manhattan. This process can be expanded to any or all of the company’s 2300 locations.

talkAItive’s interactive dashboards allow our clients to drill down on all the chatter, by topic, location and user, to display how each location has varying levels of sentiment. The figure below compares the sentiment of three different locations to better understand how the positive/negative sentiment varies in relation to customer experience, menu items, staff and service.

This sentiment analysis sample includes 2,287 users from social media and 5,720 Google reviews across 12 different locations in Manhattan. The dominant sentiment was 55% positive, 20% negative and 25% neutral.

The high percentage of positive sentiment is an excellent indicator that customers are satisfied across contexts like food, service, place, chicken, and location. Knowing what customers love about a brand or product allows a company to leverage this data and further accentuate the positive sentiment in marketing campaigns to attract new customers and targeted offers to help retain and boost existing customers.

At the same time, the negative reviews related to staff, order, time and seating provide insights into areas where the brand can improve upon. By knowing and proactively addressing these negative issues, our client can strategically mitigate sentiment that is impacting their growth. Finally, some locations have higher sentiment than others, and our interactive dashboards facilitate understanding the issues specific to any location, enabling specific actions to address local issues to improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to monitoring sentiment of your own customers, talkAItive also offers insights into what users are posting about competitors. By using talkAItive’s analytics on competitors , you can gain a better understanding of what’s working for them and what isn’t. It also gives you the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas for campaigns and strategies to directly compete or differentiate your company from others. For example, if a fast food brand in a particular city receives a lot of positive reviews and social media posts about their grilled chicken sandwich, you can target a campaign to promote your own as a better alternative, or focus to lead with a different product to customers in that area.

talkAItive’s unique sentiment analysis enables companies to monitor user chatter in real time. Uses cases vary widely from multinational corporations, fast food franchises, political campaigns, law enforcement agencies, multi-brand retailers and more. Sentiment is a reliable indicator of what users really feel about a brand, product, event or person. talkAItive’s service helps companies determine what’s working and what’s not, so they can accentuate the positives and mitigate the negatives through direct messaging and/or localize marketing campaigns, nudging them to take action such as a product purchase.

If a company’s users are posting comments on Google reviews, or other social media properties that are geographically enabled, talkAItive can also provide a geo-spatial sentiment analysis which provides a comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences, broken out by location. This is very helpful to any branch based business such as fast food or retail franchises, financial institutions and gas stations.

Geo-spatial sentiment analysis has a wide range of benefits, especially when used in the right context:

  • Understand public opinion: With geo-spatial sentiment analysis, businesses and organizations can take the pulse of their customers from different parts of the world. This is particularly useful when a company is trying to assess how people feel about a new product or campaign.
  • Target campaigns accurately: With the right data, companies can track sentiment by store location, and learn customer preferences by neighborhoods, cities or regions. This can help to accurately target campaigns, ensuring that marketing efforts are well-placed and effective.
  • Measure customer impact: Geo-spatial sentiment analysis can help to assess the change in sentiment of customers in different parts of the world as a result of targeted messaging and campaigns, to determine their effectiveness.

If you would like to learn more about geo-spatial sentiment analysis and how it can apply to your customers or competitors, please contact us.