Understand Sentiment

Baseline sentiment across campaigns and competitors

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Key Benefits

Keep A Pulse

  • Preventing the loss of brand loyalty with instant snapshots of evolving brand sentiment.
  • Detect red flags quickly in engagements across all platforms i.e. Social and Internal, which allows for quick prevention responses.

Accurate Sentiment with Sarcasm & Slang Detection

  • With talkAItive’s deep learning technology, variation in sentiment can be easily assessed across products or internal KPI’s
  • Handling sarcasm and slang efficiently and effectively since 2017

All Customer Sentiment a Click Away

  • Instant access to ALL customer reactions relating to specific or broad needs. Including product features, releases, and campaigns.
  • All in an easy digestible format. No more of that messy, unorganized, and irrelevant data.

Monitor Spikes In Sentiment

  • Compare current and historic sentiment intensities, to know what customers want and feel. For both your own and competitors!
  • Time and content specific trackers, allows for exact understanding of all factors leading to a spike in sentiment.

Your Business VS Your Competitors

  • All the sentiment data is provided for you and your competitors.
  • Understand all of the negative sentiment related to your competitors and do it better to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Realize industry crisis events through the monitoring of collateral damage to emotional brand responses.

Categorize Your Chatter, Your Way!

  • Connecting context across all your channels to build a competent emotional context map for your brand.
  • Work with TalkAItive experts to find and filter the long-term categories relevant to you.

Only talkAItive lets you rank yourself against competitors using sentiment analysis.

Only talkAItive gives you emotional contexts based on usage and not counting words.